How Crowns And Bridges Help Restore Your Smile

How Crowns And Bridges Help Restore Your Smile

Nothing is more important than a healthy smile. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with damaged or missing teeth you may be feeling less than confident about your health and appearance. This is when your dentists Dr. Alexander Quezada and Dr. Danielle Duarte can place natural-looking dental crowns and bridges in Glenview, IL, that can last for years.

About Dental Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped porcelain cap that completely covers a damaged tooth to restore function and aesthetics. A dental crown is custom-made from impressions taken from your smile. Each dental crown is matched to the shade, contour, and color of your teeth to give you a natural-looking smile.

A dental bridge is an oral device that replaces a missing tooth or sometimes two teeth in a row. When you lose a tooth the rest of your teeth begin to shift out of place to accommodate the open gap in your smile. However, dental bridges stop this from happening by filling the empty space with an artificial tooth. This oral prosthetic is typically cemented in place, using strong neighboring teeth to stabilize the bridge.

A bridge is made up of two crowns, which are placed over the healthy teeth on both sides of the gap, as well as a replacement tooth, which is made to look just like a real tooth. This replacement tooth will take the place of your missing tooth and fill the gap in your smile.

Reasons for Dental Crowns and Bridges

Your dentist may recommend getting dental crowns and bridges in Glenview, IL, to serve any of these purposes:

  • To restore both function and appearance of a fractured tooth
  • To protect a tooth from further damage
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To protect a tooth that’s just undergone root canal therapy
  • To correct a severely misshapen or stained tooth
  • To prevent natural teeth from drifting into gaps in your smile
  • To restore chewing after tooth loss
  • To replace a missing tooth

If you are dealing with tooth loss, we will most likely recommend getting a dental bridge. However, there are other treatment options for replacing your tooth that we’d be happy to discuss with you.

If you are dealing with cracked, damaged, or missing teeth then you could be a great candidate for crowns and bridges in Glenview, IL. To schedule a consultation with the dental team at Colonial Dental Group, simply call (847) 729-2233 today.