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InvisalignWouldn't it be great to get your teenager's smile straightened in the easiest way possible? Wouldn't you like to track your teen's progress accurately? You can have both with Invisalign clear aligners!

The Wonderful Advantages of Invisalign

Both teens and adults often object to the look of metal or ceramic brackets and wires used in orthodontics. While treatment with traditional braces may be necessary for certain tooth and jaw alignment issues, virtually unnoticeable Invisalign aligners can be used for:

  • closing small gaps
  • straightening mildly overlapping teeth
  • re-positioning rotated teeth
  • bite or malocclusion problems with the jaw
  • adults who had braces as a child but whose teeth have shifted

Even teens whose jaws have not stopped growing can be candidates for Invisalign.  Dr. Alexander Quezada has the training and clinical experience to determine if these comfortable and customized aligners are right for your teen or for you!

How Invisalign Corrects a Smile and Marks Treatment Progress

Dr. Quezada will start with an oral examination and complete smile analysis. This evaluation can include impressions, x-rays, photos and other imaging. If Invisalign is appropriate for the patient, the dentist will proceed with customized sets of BPA-free aligners which will gradually shift teeth into a functionally healthy and great-looking smile.

The patient sees Dr. Quezada every 4 to 6 weeks, and they are given new sets of aligners to wear until the next appointment. Between visits, the individual wears the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, taking them out for eating, brushing, flossing and cleaning of the appliance.

Invisalign aligners are truly unobtrusive and very comfortable, with none of the tooth or gum soreness that usually accompanies treatment with metal braces. Also, the aligners can come equipped with 2 special features helpful to the teenage patient:

Eruption tabs. Molded right into each aligner, these tabs accommodate incoming molars. The innovation allows many adolescents to take advantage of Invisalign, as the tabs eliminate the need to wait for all the teeth to come in.

Compliance indicators. Somewhat similar to wear bars on car tires, these food-grade capsules of color, located toward the back of each aligner, tell the dentist, teen and parent if the appliance is being worn for the appropriate amount of time. They are a great tool to get the usual 9 to 18-month treatment with Invisalign completed.

Invisalign is Offered Through Colonial Dental Group in Glenview, Illinois.

Alexander Quezada, DDS has exceptional academic preparation and pursues clinical excellence in all areas of modern dentistry. He is happy to offer Invisalign aligners to both teens and adults. Come to his office in Glenview to discuss treatment options. Call Dr. Quezada at 847-729-2233 to set an appointment.