Are mini implants right for me?

By Colonial Dental Group
January 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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A survey found approximately 48 percent of denture patients were unhappy with their denture appliances. They complain that their dentures are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Patients who aren’t happy with their dentures might benefit from consulting with Dr. James Vito about mini implants at his Wayne, PA dentist office. Learn about mini implants and how this dental solution can benefit your Dental Implants smile.

What Are Mini Implants?
Mini implants are devices that are smaller than traditional implants (about 2 to 3 mm compared to 3.75 mm), but serve a similar purpose. They are designed to help anchor denture devices to give the patient more security and comfort when eating and talking. Your Wayne dentist will typically install about four mini implants in the front of the mouth (top and bottom as needed), then updates the denture with metal housings that will fit securely over the implants. Mini implants can also be used with crowns and bridges.

Who Needs Mini Implants?
Mini implants are a viable choice for patients who have a row of missing teeth, but not enough bone tissue to support traditional dental implants. When they’re used with partial or complete dentures, it saves the patient the expense of having to install an individual implant in each opening. Mini implants are also a less invasive option compared to traditional implants and the procedure can often be completed in just one visit. 

Are They Right for You?
Your dentist must take a close look at your current dental health to determine if you are a good candidate for mini implants. While less bone tissue is necessary for mini implants compared to traditional ones, you still need enough healthy tissue to ensure that they will stay in place.

Call for an Appointment
Mini implants could be the tooth replacement option that will best fit your smile and give you more confidence when eating and communicating with others. Call Dr. Vito's Wayne, PA office at (610)971-2590 to learn more about this innovative dental treatment for patients with dentures.